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Sticky - Graphic Work Requests

I decided to make a new request post. Comments are screen so you can request your hearts out.

I can deny a request if I feel I can't complete it. I'll try to work with you to get what you want done. I still learning graphics so please don't expect fantastic works of art. But they are better than windows paint! XD

What you can request:
I will make an icon, header, wallpaper, signature pic, etc.
I will also color manga or line art.

No rules really...just guidelines
Be clear in what you want from me.
If you have an image please upload it for me - please please PLEASE try to have a clean image that I can use. The itty bitty images that look like crap will just not work lol
If you don't have an image already I will gladly try to find one you like.
Be patient - real life sometimes calls me away from the computer.
Adult content is okay...but shota is a no-no.
Lastly: Remember to Credit not only the original maker of the image but me as well. Just send them to hayley_beth24 or this community 0nly0n_tuesdays. (<--spelled with zeros not O's)

Side notes:
I am much better with anime/manga/cartoon images than with real people. But I will try anything.
This is strictly for free - I don't expect anything but credit in return. (plus I get experience lol)

Feel free to request away! I'll comment back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you
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