February 17th, 2007


Tikku x2, 1 Tidus, 3 final fantasy 8, and many Squall

I was busy tonight! I got lots of screen grabs. Oooo yay. Anyway, these are for chichiri4! Finally that other batch of Squall I promised forever and a day ago! heehee I hope you like. Just yell at me if they suck. Or if you have anything in particular you want done. ^_^

I also made one icon specially for Wifey apoorvajuneja!!

I threw in 3 icons from X. 1 is Tidus alone and the other 2 is mostly Rikku. Left overs from contests...lol. I will be updating with a few icons of Jared Leto soonish so keep an eye out for those. Oh and I am still working on that Dirge of Cerberus claim too...I will finish it this month for sure. Yah yah! (doubtful...)

Don't forget: visit here for any requests.

Now onto the good stuff!!

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