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Searching faces for the one I can't forget

When someone laughs like you - memories conquer me

Only on Tuesdays Icons by Hayley_beth24
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This is an icon & graphics community for hayley_beth24.
I started making icons in May 2006 after a very close friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident. Using photoshop kept my mind off things. So the name of this journal is in memory of my dear friend Christa. I will miss you always and love you forever.

I started off icon making using Photoshop Elements. Just recently (November 2007) I got my hands on CS3. I am still learning by teaching myself. I use online tutorials and errors I make to teach myself.

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memoriesentry tags resources and awards
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~Please credit hayley_beth24 for any icons you take/use.
~Pretty please comment on any you may take or the ones you like.
This will help others find me through you and help my creativity.
~Do not Hotlink or claim as your own.
~Join 0nly0n_tuesdays for icon updates
~How to give icon credit in your user info:
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The layout credit goes to premade_ljs.
I used her layout but I made the header.
(currently it is Lavi from D.Gray Man. image from google image search)
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